The final leg – by Nikki

Sunday, August 31st, 2008
In Koh Hong we were with our cousins, Anne, Eric and Lucie. We had Tui Tai and they had rented a Sunsail boat. We took our dinghy to a cave and I found this entrance that was shaped like a fish because I was using my imagination, and if you look through the hole you can see the sea changes colour half way through.    

In Phang Na Bay on a beach, Alex and Anne made a hut out of sticks and leaves under the shade. In this picture Anne is walking down to the beach to find twigs and leaves. We explored a hong, and when we went back Eric was swimming back to the boat but the current was so strong we had to pick him up in the dinghy.    
  In Hole in the Wall in Langkawi we went to a floating restaurant with an aquarium. The restaurant gave us some meat to feed the eagles. To attract the eagles we had to drive the dinghy in cirlces and throw the meat. On the way out of the little lagoon where the eagles were, we saw dolphins. There was a mother and a baby, and the baby did jumps and twirls and once we saw it jump 3 times in a row. It was hard to get photos of them but Daddy managed to get a couple.  
This is Penang bridge in the background and we sat on the bow with Grandma when we went under the bridge. Grandma brought Easter eggs and we had an Easter egg hunt around the boat on Easter Sunday, and we found so many we had to put them in the fridge.  
In Singapore we got new bikes. I had stabilisers because I had not learned how to ride a two wheeler, but Grandma and Mummy helped me. They held the back of the seat and slowly let go, and soon it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.    
Our freinds James and Elaine, who live in One 15 Marina, took us out on their boat, Wildcard. It was really funny because I had to put white suntan lotion on my nose the same as James. We went swimming and jumped off the boom. Alex was scared the first time she did it. The second time James tried to lift her off but she jumped anyway.    
  For a holiday we stayed with our friends Sophie, Alice and Katie in Bali. We were living on our 47 foot boat so we thought it was the most humungous villa in the world. We had a great fun holiday and had boot camp and did a show and went Waterbom which was really scary.In Bali we went with Sophie Alice and Katie to paint pottery. Katie made a soap holder and the rest of us made plates.    
Finally we have moved into a house in Singapore. When we unpacked all our things from Hong Kong we found we had not kept mattresses so we had to stay on the boat for 3 more nights till our new bunk bed arrived. Mummy and Daddy used a blow up bed from Alex’s friend Charlotte from school. We love our new house – it has 4 floors and a pool and a tennis court and we have played tennis on it and we have swum in the pool almost every day.      

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