The final leg – by Alex

Sunday, August 31st, 2008
In Phang Na Bay on an island we visited with our cousins, I wanted to stay overnight on the beach, so I started to build a hut. It took so long and it was near dinner time so Mummy said no. Anyway it was too small to sleep in. In Phang Na bay we also visited hongs which is a tunnel leading to an open space in an island. We had to go through a pitch black tunnel with torches on kayaks. If the tide was too high we could not get through, and if the tide was too low the tunnel was too muddy. One of the hongs had two entrances – one by kayak at low tide, and one you could walk at high tide  

We went to Langkawi with Grandma, and we fed eagles with meat from the back of the dinghy. We also went to a restaurant where there were stingrays and turtles. This picture is of a stingray. While we were there a person fishing caught a puffer fish and they put it in the nets with the other fish. We also saw dolphins while we were there.  
In Singapore we stayed in One 15 Marina. I had my birthday party on the boat with all the girls from my class, and we kayaked and drove the dinghy in the marina, and Daddy made us swim to a pirate ship (Long Ranger). We also had a water fight on the pontoon, and Rhianne hid a water balloon and at the end of the party she burst it. Everybody had fun, especially me! I nicknamed Sentosa, Peacock Island because it had so many peacocks on. Nicola and I saw an albino peacock which means it was born all white.  
Rhianne, a girl from my class, came for a playdate at our boat. We went kayaking in the marina.Mummy and I went to Hong Kong in my half term, and saw Isabella and Raf, and Bingo (the big fat cat!) and went out on their boat Gordon. Isabella and Raf pretended to be knights with their water guns and buckets on their heads and started pretend-fighting    
  In Sentosa we spotted a humming bird building a nest which it was going to lay eggs in. When it had finished the nest the gardener cut it down which was a pity because we wanted to watch the baby birds hatching.  
Pheobe and Ella, some of our friends in Singapore, came for a sleepover on our boat (and they later came to our new house in Singapore too). We built a sail for our kayak thinking it might be windy and we could catch some wind but in the end the sail broke down and we had to paddle back. Pheobe and Ella go to the same school as me – Tanglin Trust. I like it there.    

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