Singapore and Melaka Straits – by Nicola

Friday, November 24th, 2006
This is me with my mummy and daddy in a rainforest near Kuching. The name of the rainforest was Bako National Park.We saw a huge pig (wild boar) in the forest and some fish in the rivers which were red because of all the leaves. On the beach we picked up some long pointy shells – they were very sharp and beautiful. We had leave them behind though as it was a National Park.    

This is Singapore and I went Jet Skiing near the Marina where we left Tui Tai. I went a long way and I got very wet. It was super fun as we went very fast – it was faster than our dinghy, Zippy.
This is also in Singapore where we stayed in a great house that had a really cool swimming pool with a plastic blow up whale. This is me and Alex playing in the pool. When I grow up I want to live in Singapore.  
This is Charlie who lived in the house we stayed in. Charlie belonged to Sophie and Jack and we had lots of fun with all of them. Sophie sometimes taught me when Daddy was mending the boat. My dog Snowy is in the picture with Charlie.  
  This is in Melaka when we just left Singapore. We went to Melaka by car from Port Dickson where we left the boat. It was a long way. We stayed in a hotel for one night. We were so lucky before we went to bed we went to a night market and I bought a puppy purse.  
  We also went to Phuket from Port Dickson by airplane and stayed in a villa. We had a sleep over with our friends from Hong Kong who we met at the hotel. One night we went trick or treating. We went swimming in the sea and the swimming pools and had lots of fun. This is me and Katie fast asleep on a matress after a long day playing.  

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