Raja Muda and Phuket – by Nicky

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
One day I went riding in Phuket with my friends. We went through the jungle on horses. It was really fun. We also trotted and I went up and down .    

On Tui Tai we did the Raja Muda race in 2007 with 7 parties! In one of the parties there were paintings and in the first photo you can see Alex and me painting a picture. My picture is of a rose and Alex’s is a butterfly. In the second picture we went to the Similans with Daniel and Jenna, some of our freinds, on their boat Shayile. This is me and Jenna and Jenna’s Dad Rob. In the Similans we went snorkelling and saw lots of fish and me and my Mum saw a snake-eel. It was white and black stripes.    
I had my 6th birthday on Ao Sane beach. This is me and Jenna doing a wheelbarrow race. In the background you can see Alex and Matthew and some of our other friends. We had lots of fun. My Dad made lots of good games, and my Mum made a big chocolate cake.      
  At Christmas we went on a speedboat with our friends. We went to an island for lunch. We found lots of hermit crabs and we made a home for them. Then we went swimming in the sea and then we had to leave.        
This was Halloween. Alex and me dressed up as witches. We were at our friends Sophie and Jack’s house. My Mummy hid sweets all over the house so we could find them. There was a big prize. Alex and me got the prize – it was more sweeties!        

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