Raja Muda and Phuket – by Alex

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
We did the Raja Muda race, and this was the party in Penang which was the fifth party of the week. I am painting a picture on cloth which has wax lines so then the paint doesn’t go over the lines. It is a picture of a butterly. I used yellow and red because I thought they were the best colours.    

We went to the Similans with our friends Daniel and Jenna. The Similans are a group of islands in Thailand north of Phuket where lots of people go for diving. The coral is not so good but the fish are fantastic. It is a fish sanctuary. This picture is of a Moorish Idol which I took with our underwater camera. Daniel picked up a sea cucumber with his own hands. I felt it and it was yucky! We saw a turtle but we couldn’t get a photograph because it was moving a bit too quickly.    
This is me surfing on my new boogie board that I got for Christmas. It is a hard bottomed boogie board so it doesn’t break easily. My last boogie board broke because it wasn’t hard bottomed and I did head over heels on a wave. After Christmas we met with our friends from Hong Kong in Phuket. We went riding and I was the first one in the line. I trotted but I forgot to bounce up and down so I almost slid off. The picture below is me, Isabella, and Kyra. We drew bunny rabbits on our faces and hands but then it felt itchy and it looked ugly so we decided to wash it off.    
Kyra and me are holding a cup of hermit crabs on the beach at Koh Racha. We caught the hermit crabs in our hands. We looked ahead of us on the beach and we could see all the shells moving, and then we ran to the shells and picked them up. They stopped moving and hid in their shells when we got close to them. We built a fort for our hermit crabs but they still got out, so we dug a hole and put the naughty ones in.        
Raffy and I found 3 cats at the hotel. We only picked up 2 because we could only carry 2. I tickled mine under the chin and it closed its eyes and purred. We built a bed for them on the chairs but they didn’t seem to like it so we moved it to the table and they loved it. We gave them milk to drink and some tuna to eat. They loved the tuna and they both liked the milk but they did not drink it all.    

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Hope you have fun in Singapore. My other friends just moved there.I hope you meet them.
I still live in Tokyo.

Said by: Mackenzie on March 7th, 2008