Manila to Puerto Galera – by Nicola

Thursday, May 25th, 2006
This is Zippy our new dingy with me and Daddy. I can now steer zippy. We are now in Puerto Galera in the Philippines. We have been snorkelling a lot and have seen lots of fish. My favourite fish is a white and yellow stripy diamond shaped fish. We have seen some spikey sea urchins and have been on a banca (local boat). Yesterday (12 May 06) we had our first typhoon. It rained a lot and it was a big storm with lots of wind.

This is me doing Maths. Mummy and Daddy are my teachers. I study Maths, English, and I studied gardens habitats and seeds. This week we started to grow an apple tree – it is a baby tree already but with no apples on it. We caught a crab – crabby – which we studied about. During the big storm (12 May 06) we made a big chocolate butterfly birthday cake for Alex my sister who turned 7 during the typhoon. We have lots of fun

One Response to “Manila to Puerto Galera – by Nicola”

Dear Nicki,
I love you so much. One day are you going to come back to Hong Kong?
I love your photos really much.
I love you really, really, really much.
In school ee are learning about animals now.

Said by: Hadley on May 26th, 2006