Malaysia – by Nicola

Sunday, October 8th, 2006
  This is a mangrove snake. We went on a river trip and we saw it. It was in a tree. We saw 4 snakes.We saw lots of animals on the river trip. We saw big nose monkeys and elephants and two crocodiles and macaque monkeys.  

This is my friend Jack. He was playing with us on the pontoon and we all got wet, and we also had fun. We sailed from Labuan to Miri. That was a Labuan to Miri race. We got a trophy and we were first in one race.
  This is Mummy and me going up the river in Mulu. We saw lots of caves and we went inside the caves. Mulu was a fun place. We saw lots of bats in the caves and the caves smell yukky because of the bat poo. There were millions of bats.

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