Langkawi to Phuket – by Nicola

Monday, December 18th, 2006
This is in Hole in the Wall in Langkawi. We went to a restaurant that had chicken skins and we fed the chicken skins to the eagles. They came down to get them and one swooped down and we could hear the wind from its wings.    

This is a bonfire in Koh Hong. We cooked marshmallows on the huge bonfire and Alex, who is Uncle Doug’s girlfriend, told us how to make chocolate bananas on the bonfire. This is us near the bonfire.
This is us in the kayaks and Zippy, our dinghy, is towing us. We went very fast. This is Koh Mok and we went through a tunnel in the kayaks. It was very dark in the tunnel and we had to turn on torches. At the other side it was very green because there were lots of trees.    
  This is Alex and me and we made cat masks and dressed up as cats. Alex M helped us, and we acted like cats. We saw dolphins in the Similan Islands. We did lots of snorkelling too and we could see a long way. The picture below is Sailrock in the Similan Islands and it is me and Mummy and Uncle Doug.    
We went to KL and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for my 5th birthday where I had a chocolate and ice cream cake. This is me blowing out the candles. On Tui Tai we have got a Christmas tree and we are hanging up decorations. Brendan and Kyra will be here for Christmas on Tui Tai.  

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