Indonesia – by Nicky

Sunday, November 11th, 2007
For the last few months we have been in Indonesia.One of the places where we anchored I took a picture of my best toy Snowy. She sleeps with me at night and is very cuddly. I even took her to Pangkil, a private island, where we stayed for four days with four other families. I met a friend called Annie and on the last night we were there, my sister and I had a sleepover with her. It was great fun because my mummy let us talk after lights out for 10 minutes. At Pangkil we also had a midnight swim, a treasure hunt, and we went fishing. It was so much fun. I did not catch anything but Annie did.    

When we were in Indonesia we crossed the equator. I dressed up as a mermaid, so did my mummy and sister. They used towels to make their tails. My daddy dressed up as Neptune and looked very funny. Snowy and my sisters best toy, Laptop, also dressed up as mermaids. As we crossed the equator we gave marshmallows, conconut, beer and tonic water as offerings to Neptune. It was fun. Alex and I watched the chartplotter to see when it went 00 00.000S as this meant we were crossing into the southern part of the world. This was the first time for us so we all had to dress up.  
Most of the time it was sunny and beautiful weather but one day it rained and was a horrible day and we got struck by lighting. After the storm had ended, Alex and I had to help clear up. One of our jobs was to empty the dingy of water. The picture below shows us doing this, we are wearing our sailing gear. On the good days we did lots of swimming. The next picture shows me jumping off the boat into the sea. This was really cool.  
  On the boat we do lots of different things like learning the recorder, dressing up and doing shows or we play with our farm animal set, our Barbie dolls and lego. In the last picture I am dressing up as a war person with a sword, helmet and shield. Alex made it for me, she was really nice.  
In the picture below you can see I was riding on a motorbike. I was on the bike because my mummy and I were going to town to buy some food because we did not have enough. In the second picture is a pussy cat – we were visiting our friends Don and Kim’s house in Singapore. They had two cats and I was playing with them. The other one from the picture was white with black ears. When we live in Singapore I want to get a pet, maybe a dog or a cat.  

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Dear all We were most amused and interested in your various blogs. What a wonderful trip! We shall be wanting to know much more so you must remember all the little details when we meet./ The weather here has turned pretty cold and we cover the plants against frost some evenings. We like hearing about all of you in warmer climes./Very best wishes from both of us for the regatta. Lots of love G’ma and G’pa

Said by: John and Judy Rofé on November 13th, 2007

HI Stonhams,
Glad to hear you’re all okay, the lightning strike sounds pretty scary.
Love hearing of all your adventures, makes our life seem rather humdrum.
Met up with Charlotte’s husband. Thanks for forwarding her query, nothing like having a remote P.A. !
Laurie and all

Said by: Nigel Hale on November 15th, 2007