Indonesia – by Alex

Sunday, November 11th, 2007
This is me jumping off the boat in the Riau Islands, which is in Indonesia. At first I was so scared I wouldn’t put my foot on the railing but then Nicola jumped off so I decided to do it too.When we were in Indonesia we got struck by lightening. Right now some people are trying to fix the lightening damage. We lost some of our electronics, and we had to steer the boat aswell as our autohelm was damaged. I am now quite good at steering.    

This is when we crossed the equator. I dressed up my dog, Laptop, as a mermaid. I tried to put a clip in her hair but the clip was too small so I put some material round her ear and tied a bow. You can see the little TV which is our chartplotter. You may not be able to see it but it says 0 00.000S which means we were on the equator. It is quite funny but I found it a little bit cold! My daddy dressed up as Neptune and we all dressed up as mermaids.  
This is our friends Cody and Chicken Joe’s surfboard. I had a go. You tie a rope on to the back of the dinghy and put yourself onto the surfboard, hold on to the rope, and off you go. It is soooooooo much fun! You must watch Surf’s Up. We haven’t seen it yet though. We had a bonfire with Cody and Chicken Joe and we learnt that if you put a stick in the fire and it gets all black you can draw with it. We put marshmallows on the stick aswell to cook them. They were delicious. We tried to make a kids fire too but it kept on going out.  
    This is Nicky and me playing Mancala. The score was I beat Nicky twice and she beat me 5 times. Daddy beats everybody. We also play Cleudo and I like to be Professor Plum. It is a funny name. We also play Sorry and Rummikub a lot.  

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