El Nido to Puerto Princessa – by Alex

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
  This is me on a swing on my boat. Do you see my sister peeping? She is very cheeky! The swing is on the boom – my Dad is worried about the boom when I am swinging on it. I can climb up the mast too. There are steps and I know how to undo them and do them up again. I can climb the highest in the family. I think so.  

We went to a game reserve where you could feed giraffes and go around in a truck. This is me feeding a giraffe and holding on for life! Ha ha. The giraffe was very freindly because his Mum had been in the animal hospital when he was a baby so he likes humans. He is very strong, a little bit stronger than my Dad.
This is me at Sabang on a rock at a waterfall. We pretended the rocks were islands of our own. We came to Sabang in a van. First we went to the underground river and it smelled horrible because of the bats. Then we went to a waterfall at Sabang. We went with some freinds called Denise and John. They have a boat too, called Miss Conduct. John had a shower in the waterfall.      
  This is me in a Phase 2 with my freind Rosal. She is a very good sailor. We went to her house and we did activities. We jumped on the trampoline and we went swimming. She has a sister called Ria. They live in Puerto Princessa in the Philippines. Puerto Princessa was our second to last place in the Philippines.  

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