El Nido to Puerto Princessa – by Nicola

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
This is me in Caluit feeding a giraffe. The giraffe was very freindly but it pulled hard. I also liked it. We saw porcupines and mouse deers aswell. We also saw big deers called Calamian deer.    

We saw some zebras in Caluit. They were also friendly and it looked like they were painted but it was their fur.
  This is me driving Zippy. I can drive Zippy but I can’t start it yet.  

One Response to “El Nido to Puerto Princessa – by Nicola”

Dear Nicola,

I wish you had a wonderful trip and I hope you are having a fun time.

Nicola, we are already back from Canada. I am starting K5 next week!


Said by: Hadley on August 22nd, 2006