Cebu to Miniloc, El Nido – by Nicola

Friday, July 21st, 2006
  This is Tui Tai, my boat. She likes sailing. Also sometimes I steer on her and I like it. She is very nice.  

This is a tarsier monkey. We saw it in Bohol. It was small and cute. It was a bit bigger than my hand. Its eyes were a little bit big.
  These are dolphins at the front of our boat. They were playing because they like the waves. Sometimes we saw them jumping. We saw one jump up in the air at the back of our boat.  
  This is me and my Daddy and my sister snorkelling. We were holding on to a rope and a fender because the current was too strong. My snorkel is green and my Mummy took a picture of us. We saw lots of fish and we saw 2 blue starfish at the back of our boat, and we saw a starfish on the side of our boat that my Mummy spotted.    
  This is the wobbly bridge that we went on, and when we went across we bought 2 toy monkeys, one for my sister and one for me, out of our pocket money. I have put mine on my pocket money purse.    
  This was me and my Daddy. We were in the Chocolate Hills and my Mummy took a picture of it and I also liked it.  

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