Around Phuket – by Nicola

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
This is in Nai Harn, Phuket. My friend Jack lives on the boat Strong Legs and is pulling me on a boogy board. I am having so much fun. The boogy board goes really fast and Jack is a strong puller. Jack is 7 years old.    

Alex and I bought our own boogy boards and went surfing at Nai Harn too. They both have dolphins on and they are jumping in the air. Surfing on the waves is fun. I rode the wave right up to the beach. Our friend Matthew, who lives on Quoll II, rode up to the beach and hit his head on the dinghy.
  This is at Friendship Beach. We had a New Year’s Eve party there with our friends Isabella and Raf and Connie and Nella and Millie.There was a pool there and we went swimming all day.      
  This is me, Daniel and Jenna and Alex cooking. We made cup cakes from my new cook book which Uncle Doug gave me for Christmas. Mine were yellow with green icing. Daniel and Alex’s were green with yellow icing and Jenna’s were pink with pink icing. My Grandma was staying with us for 2 weeks.                
  This is Tui Tai in Koh Racha. We went there with our friends from Hong Kong, Brendan and Kyra and Lorence and YanYan. We went snorkelling and saw lots of fish. There were jellyfish on the beach but they did not sting. We collected them in a bucket.    
    This is in Phuket. I rode an elephant and it was very fun but very bumpy. We rode up a hill then down a hill again, and we were very high up. You could take pictures of the elephant and the elephant would hold its trunk up when you took pictures.    

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