Around Phuket – by Alex

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
This is my friend Daniel and me. Daniel lives on the boat Shayile. We went to the Seven Wells in Langkawi and we zoomed down the waterfalls. Once Daddy and Nicki zoomed together and they crashed into Jenna (Daniel’s sister).    

This is Crocodile Cave. We went there with Grandma and our friends from Shayile. Crocodiles used to live in it but now they don’t. We are all on a raft in the cave, and the guide is pulling us using an underwater rope. He was very small but very strong. The cave was completely dark when we turned off the torches. There were tiny bats in the cave.
I bought my own boogy board. It was very fun surfing on the waves but now it is broken because I crashed down into the sand and I fell foward and it broke. The waves were very big and even Mummy and Daddy could surf them. I am saving my pocket money to buy a new one exactly the same.      
This is David and me. David is from Quoll II and his brother is called Matthew. We were riding an elephant. It was a very bumpy ride. It was very bumpy because our elephant always went the tricky way. We fed the elephants loads of bananas and they took them out of our hands. One elephant snatched the whole bunch out of my hands. Elephants eat all day because they eat so much.    
This was the biggest hermit crab I have ever seen. Its claws were so huge it could pinch your finger very hard. You had to hold it from the back or else it would pinch you. It ran very slowly.          
This is me and Isabella and Raf eating ice creams. I had a triple chocolate one. Isabella had a rainbow one. Raf had a magnum. Connie and Nella and Millie came with us too. It was very fun on the beach and also at Friendship Beach Resort where we stayed.          

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