Andamans, Surins and Similans – by Nicky

Thursday, March 27th, 2008
This is us on Tui Tai sailing to the Andamans which are part of India in the Indian Ocean near Thailand. The sun is setting in the west giving us some lovely colours for our photograph. This picture was taken by Ley on Crystal Blues who came to the Andamans with us.    

On the way to the Andamans I caught my first fish with my new fishing rod which was for my birthday. The first was a baby tuna so we put it back in the sea because it was not big enough to eat.Every day I do school for 3 hours. My teacher is my mum or dad. My subjects are English, Maths, Science and Humanities. My favourite subject is English. Science is fun because we do experiments – this year we did melting and I used ice cubs and chocolate. I like Humanities because it includes geography. I like Maths because its easy!    
    During our trip on Tui Tai we have seen lots of different animals like the ones in these pictures. One is a crab making balls with sand around its hole. The next is some elephants on the beach with their trainers. The elephants used work in the jungle. A lizard on a log is next – we see lots of lizards. Some are very big and are called Monitor lizards. The last one is a turtle next to our dingy Zippy. We swam with this turtle and went very close to it. We have also seen dolphines swimming by our bow.  
Here I was learning to dive with Neil from Crystal Blues. We put a mask on and a tube in our mouth and can breath underwater and dive down. Neil and I went under the boat and touched the propellor and the keel and went to the front of the boat and followed the anchor chain a few metres to the snub hook.        
On the way back from the Andamans we picked up friends from Hong Kong, Brendan and Kyra (and their parents), on Tui Tai. They stayed with us a week and it was great fun. We played on our surf boards and did lots of Kayaking. We also played board games and my dad ran a fish drawing competition. I drew a Moorish Idol which is black, white and yellow. Kyra drew a Rainbow Parrot fish and won. Kyra and I slept together in the front cabin which meant we could talk after lights out. We picked them up in the Surins, visited the Similans and then dropped them off in Phuket on Nai Harn beach. I enjoyed having friends to stay.    

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Nicky, What a great blog! I didn’t know that you can dive. Perhaps I can get a few pointers from you as I have not learned yet. Thanks for being a good friend. Hoover

Said by: Hoover on April 9th, 2008