Andamans, Similans and Surins – by Nicola

Saturday, April 28th, 2007
In the Similans in Thailand, our friends Daniel and Jenna had a boat called Shayile and two turtles came up and swam round the boat and we snorkelled with the turtle. It was very friendly and we could touch it. The shell felt hard and smooth like it had been laying in the water all day long.    

We made chocolate chip cookies with our friends Daniel and Jenna and we made them on our boat Tui Tai. Jenna and I made one tray and Daniel and Alex made the other. We made them out of the cookbook I got for Christmas from Uncle Doug. We have made lots of things from my cookbook.
  This is me and Alex in the sail having fun. We can see a long way down to the sea. We like to play in the sail. We went snorkelling and saw a huge eel but it did not come out of its hole. We saw an octopus at the same place. An octopus is a chameleon and it looks like a rock when it stops and it looks like a squid when it swims. It changes colour when it swims.
  I am on the furler at the front of Tui Tai. My Mummy took a picture of me. I kept a lookout in case there were any boats around us but there weren’t.      
    In Havelock beach in the Andamans we saw an elephant and someone was riding it. The elephant sometimes went swimming in the sea. I think it was very hot so it swam to cool down.
    I saw dolphins when we were sailing. We saw some jumping and they swam very fast next to our boat. They stayed with us for a long time. I am on the bow looking at the dolphins. The dolphins like to play. We see them most when we are sailing fast but they can still go faster than us.

3 Responses to “Andamans, Similans and Surins – by Nicola”

Hi NIcky and Alex

Your blogs are brilliant, a great reminder of the fantastic time we all had together. Keep on cooking love from B xx

Said by: Team Shayile on September 2nd, 2007

Dear Nicky,
I am having a great time Japan.
Happy sailing.
Thank you for the letter.
I like your pictures. I wish I could see dolphins with you!

Said by: Hadley on October 5th, 2007

dear nicki i miss you and alix i am in singapore and daniel and my mom and dad ore missing both of you daniel is missing both of yoa love from jenna

Said by: Team Shayile on January 31st, 2008