Andamans, Similans and Surins – by Alex

Saturday, April 28th, 2007
In Similan Islands in Thailand a green turtle came close to Shayile (our friends’ boat) and we could feed the turtle and swim with it. The turtle was very friendly – we touched it. In the Similans we also climbed Sail Rock and saw two goats climbing it but not following the path!    

We went to the Andamans with our freinds on Shayile and we jumped off the roof of their boat with plastic bags above our heads for parachutes. It was quite a long way and it seemed like the parachute made us go faster not slower. We also did squid fishing off Shayile. I caught a tiny squid which we kept for a little while for a pet, and I caught a big one which we ate.
This is me and Jenna on Shayile. We put some stuff on my Daddy. Jenna put the beard on. I put the fake hair on. It looked quite funny afterwards and we all laughed, even my Dad.        
  This is me decorating a cake for us to eat. I decorated it with little balls that were silver and blue and gold and pink. I made a little cake on top. The pink balls I used for candles and the gold ones I used for the fire on the top of the candles. You could eat the balls. They were yummy sweets. I am sitting on top of the fridge in our boat Tui Tai. We like to do baking and make lots of yummy yummy things.      
We found all these hermit crabs on North Button Island in the Andamans. We put a sarong on top of the bucket so they could have some shade but they kept on climbing on top of each other so they could make a ladder to get out, but the walls were too steep and smooth. Soon they gave up and went into the shade so they weren’t playful any more. We let them go when we went back to our boat.        
This is me, Daniel and Jenna and Nicky in the sail on Tui Tai. We made a little tent in the sail but it kept on blowing away to the deck so then we zipped it up and went inside the little cave it made.In the Andaman Sea we saw Bottlenose dolphins jumping and playing. We watched Blue Planet and it says they sometimes swim 100km a day. They swam very fast around our boat and stayed with us for about 30 minutes. We could see their blowhole when they came up.  

4 Responses to “Andamans, Similans and Surins – by Alex”

Hi Alex!
I’ve spent my evening looking at your schoolwork – and I’m very impressed with all your hard work. I especially enjoyed the stories you wrote, and your science work – that bottle walker looks great! And as for that Lego Mangonel – it looks like a really fun toy! I love the picture in your blog where you’re swimming with a turtle – you’ve seen some amazing animals, haven’t you?
Love from Mary

Said by: Mary Michell on May 10th, 2007

Dear Alex,

I miss you.
How are you doing?
I like your pictures.
Love From

Said by: Mackenzie on October 5th, 2007

Hi, It’s me, Ella,
I’m in year three now.
Alice misses you a lot.
I miss you a lot too.
I’m in Alice’s class this year.
We are Y3B.
When are you coming back?
I hope you are having fun.
I like your pictures very very much.
I can’t wait for you to come back to Hong Kong.
Please keep in touch.

Your friend,

Said by: Ella on October 10th, 2007

Hi Alex Daniel here how are you and Nicki. jenna is missing Nicki very very much and I am missing you very very much and all the fun we had and my Mom and Dad are missing your Mom and Dad and the wine and beer thay had.
We are in singaproe in the most eckspensiv marina I have ever seen!!! the ice cream cost is 22Rand!!!! soon we leav to indonesha.miss you Daniel oooo

Said by: Team Shayile on January 31st, 2008